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Chopard congratulates the Porsche Club of America on 60 years of existence in 2015 by creating a 66-piece limited edition for the largest single-brand club in the world. 60 pieces in stainless steel, 6 in 18-karat gold. 

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“It’s not just the cars, it’s the people...” is a statement of unbridled joy concerning all that is Porsche—one of the reasons we chose to create the limited edition Chopard Mille Miglia to celebrate our passion: 60 timepieces in stainless steel, each representing one year of existence of our cherished club. And six in 18-karat gold as an added
commemorative distinction.”

Vu T.H. Nguyen, Executive Director Porsche Club of America






Luxury Sports Watch Manufacturer TAG Heuer and the Porsche Club of America celebrated the PCA's 55th anniversary with a very limited edition collector's watch. 

  • Sorry, limited edition is sold out.



In preparing to shoot Le Mans, Steve McQueen’s main source of inspiration was his friend Jo Siffert, the Swiss racecar legend who in 1969 became the first driver ever sponsored by a watch brand: Heuer (TAG, standing for Techniques d’Avantgarde, was added in 1985 as the result of a takeover). McQueen insisted on wearing Heuer’s Monaco in the film, which had just been launched. Perhaps it was McQueen’s influence, or perhaps it was Porsche driver Siffert’s, but the Monaco seemed to become the preferred chronograph of the racing and fashion worlds in the 1970s.